The Most Interesting Android TV Box You Can Have

by Shawn

It feels very interesting and fulfilling after a busy day at work, school retiring to watch your favourite programmes. But this may not be you because maybe you are in search of the best android TV box to fulfil your interests. Evpad 3Max TV has adults most preferable channels and programmes. Children are also catered for in the Evpad 3Max android TV box with the availability of children programmes. Acquiring an evpad 3Max android TV box will make your parenting simplified for parents. You will not need to strain to pass some skills to your children anymore you will just need to play channels and programmes that your children interact with and get the skills.

 Evpad 3Max is the best to suit your needs. Evpad has the best specifications that make it stand out in the market compared to other Android TV boxes. From its outer appearance to the internal components you will just love it. Some of these unique features of an Evpad 3Max Android TV box.


It is composed of an A53 CPU cortex of 64 bits and a GPU MAUT720mpz. This is a very strong processor that will ensure your android box functions smoothly.


 Do you need an android box with great space capacity to install your favourite applications, download and save favourite files? Evpad 3max is your best choice it has A 32G EMMC RAM. At the same time, you need an android box that will be efficient to use, without hanging up and slowing down programmes. This will be solved by having a fast running. Evpad 3max 3GB DDR3 is your best solution.

Bluetooth 4.2

At times you are not exactly at the position of the android box and you need to adjust the programmes maybe. You do not have to get the strain of getting closer to the android box, Evpad 3Max has high strength Bluetooth strength of 4.2. This can easily be accessed from different corners of your room without itches.


For an android TV box to last it has to have a strong adapter. This is where electric currents passing to the android TV box is monitored. In case there is excess voltage the adapter must have the ability to cut out and pass the required voltage. Evpad has brought about a great DC 5V 2A adapter that is of high strength. It cannot easily blow out in the case of excess voltage and will have your android TV box safe.


Evpad 3max is the best user-friendly android box to use. It has led to display that indicates time, whether there is a USB or network cable plugin, It also indicates Wi-Fi connections,

Space Saving

It can either be hanged or mounted on the wall, thus help save space in the room. It also helps parents keep the android boxes far from children.

It has outstanding and most captivating picture quality of up to 5760 x 3240, It is very mobile weighing equal to or less than 100g. It can also operate in a variety of languages such as Spanish, English, Italian and other languages.

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