The Different Types Of Bath Styles

by Shawn
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Taking a bath can be said to be the event of cleaning one’s body. But to some people, it is more than just that. The time that a person takes in the bathroom can also be the most intimate. To some people taking a bath is a period of relaxation and peace of mind, leave alone little freshening up. That is why some people take as their personal project to get the perfect fits for the bathroom. This article looks at the best bath styles that you can get to uplift the appearance of your bathroom as well as add more comfort to your shower. Read it to the end if you want to know how to buy baths in Sydney.


Alcove bath

This is the most common type of tub you will find in many homes. An alcove bath is typically erected on the floor as long as the sides of the wall support it. A shower is attached to one side of the tub to supply water.

Freestanding baths

As the name suggests, freestanding baths do not require the support of the walls. They are therefore connected to free space. Some examples of freestanding tubs include:

  1. Roll-top bath: this is designed with curved edges and is usually more in-depth than most baths.
  2. Slipper bath: as the name suggests, a slipper bath has the shape of a slipper shoe. It has one deep end and rises on the other end.
  3. Boat bath: this bath is boat-shaped with curves on both ends. It is often large and can fit two people at a go.
  4. Corner baths

These are triangular and are connected to one corner of the bathroom. There are mostly used when the bathroom has less space. They come with a trough, which is mostly large and can either be triangular or have an oval shape.

Drop baths

Drop baths are embedded in a hollow space on the floor. They may be inserted in raised platforms as well. They form a structure like a pool with the rim of the bathtub being the only visible structure from outside. The best thing about a drop bath is that it can come in any design or shape you like.

Walk-in baths

A walk-in bath is much raised, with the walls of the tub being high. For this reason, they are deep and wide. Some designs come with a door to make it easier to step into the tub. Other features include a seating space and, in some cases, heated seating. The Walk-in bath is only filled with water after you have settled inside the tub.

Shower baths

There are two types of shower baths:

  1. P-shaped baths: they are fit and connected to walls and have the shape of a P as the name suggests with one side wider than the other part of the bath.
  2. L-shaped baths: they have all the features of a P-shaped bath apart from the shape itself.


Regardless of your buying power, you should be able to find a type of bathtub bunnings that sits your bathroom needs. From the range available in the market to the different prices, getting what you need is only a question of when and not how.

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