Know This before Buying a New Garden Hose

by Shawn

If you need to get some work done in the garden, endeavor to get yourself a garden hose and a reel to go with it. If not for anything it will save time and preserve energy too.

There are lots of Garden hoses by different manufacturers these days that are available in the market. Without proper guidance, you might end up with the wrong one.

This mistake is what this article will try to help you avoid. Thus, this article has provided a list of the best types of Garden hose in hope that it will guide you to make the best choice. Therefore it is a must read before embarking on the journey of acquiring a new garden hose.

Main Types of Garden Hose

1. Drip Line Hose

A Drip line hose features a system that can be customized. Through this customizable system, the gardener can spray water on the plant beds and the root of shrubs. Most of them ate made with PVC. They are affordable and reduce the wastage of water because plant drips are watered by dips.

2. Expandable Hose

When pressure is high, an expandable hose can extend more than twice the original length of the hose. Most manufacturers of expandable hose sell them together with other relevant accessories.

3. Braided Hose

The braided hose contains about 4 to 6 piles. These piles, also known as layers are lined with a mesh layer to prevent kinking, thus strengthening them.

4. Wire-reinforced hose

These contain 3 layers. They are also very strong because they are built in such a way that the center of the hose contains a wire mesh. This helps to keep the hose straight and they won’t twist even when you make a turn with the hose. They can withstand water pressure more when compared to most other types of Garden hose.

5. Weeper Hose

This type of hose is ideal when you are more interested in long-term efficiency. They let out water through small pores on the surface. Hence, they are cost-effective. The use of weeper hose reduces the waste of water in the garden.

6. Anti-Kink Hose

This is probably the hose with the highest technology. They are not affected by fluctuations in temperature or ultraviolet rays. They are light and elastic, very soft and smooth to the touch. This type of hose is regarded as the best by many manufactures.

7. Soaker Hose

They are very similar to weeper hose but the difference between these two is that the soaker hose is more perforated. On switching on the water, the pressure generated internally is used to diffuse the water and water falls on the plants like a tiny rain.


Various types of garden hose have their peculiarities and limitations. Whichever one you decide to buy, you should go for the high-quality ones. They are strong, long-lasting, and resists the negative effects of ultraviolet rays and temperature fluctuations.

So, if you have the right funds, get a garden hose today. To make sure it lasts, get a garden hose reel to complete the package. You definitely will not regret it.

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