Here’s how to use your pressure washer

by Shawn

ÒYour pressure washer can be very effective at washing and cleaning your house exterior, it can help you speed clean through without wrecking anything. However, your pressure washer can also be more dangerous than it can clean. It sure can cause more harm than good if it is misused.

Try this site to get the best quality for the right prices. The pressure washer uses 80% less water than the average garden hose but uses 50 times more power. Yet not all pressure washers have equal strength and capability. And not all are suitable for outdoor work too.

Using the tool properly is important to ensure satisfying and safe results. If you are out in the market to pick up a pressure washer keep safety in mind. To prevent injury and damages, pay attention to the do’s and don’ts of pressure washing.

Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Washing

1. Prepare Before Starting

If you do not have an adequate supply of water, your pressure washer will become less efficient than expected. So what should you do first?

You should test the flow of water first. Carry out this test by timing how long it will take to fill a five-liter bucket. If this process takes about two minutes or less than two minutes, it means that it’s good. But if it takes more than two minutes, then the water flow is not sufficient to operate the washer.

Now you have to make sure that the water flow is sufficient to run the pressure washer. Once you have done that, you should clean out the inlet filter. Then ensure that the connections are secure. Connections in places where the tools accessories are attached to the pressure washer.

After making sure the connections are secure, here is something you should remember not to do:

2. Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Machine

A pressure washer is an efficient machine. Its power and speed are among its biggest strength. The machine is as dangerous as it is efficient. Even though the pressure is on the low side, the stream of water from the model has enough force to cut through the human skin.

Shocking right? Well, that is why you should always wear your safety goggles and grip tightly to avoid a recoil when the pressure starts doing its thing. Safety should be your watchword. It will save you, your family, and your property a lot of heartaches.

Remember to work in a sweep pattern so that you would no spend too much time in one place. Keep in mind that the pump nozzle should be aimed away from people and pets at all times.

3. Do Not Use the Same Nozzle Tip for Every Job

There are a variety of nozzles you can use to harness the water for the job. You can change your nozzle from wide-spray patterns to narrow-spray patterns. Know that the more narrow the spray, the more force it delivers.


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. You have to keep doing the job to get better at it. Read on the technique if you can or just keep practicing safely.

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